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Holi Festival 2020 Harrow (Indoor Event : Daytime)

Byron Hall at Harrow Leisure Centre.

(Since our normal location at Swiss Cottage has construction works, we have a new venue. Advantage being it’s indoor with heating, and has loads of free parking).

Come and join us at the Magic of India Holi Festival on Sunday, March 15th, 2020

DJ, live band, drumming, dancing, free treats, dry colour powder play and more!

You can also buy delicious Indian food- Dosas, Chaat, and more! We will have a creative station as well where you can buy and design your own holi tshirts and wear it.

Everyone is welcome to this community event, families with young children, couples or groups of friends – come along and enjoy the party!

The first packet of coloured powder is free for each person. More can be bought. Outside colour is NOT allowed for safety, our colours are UK certified.

We are happy to announce that we are offering VIP tickets that includes:

  • VIP entrance – Fast track entrance (Jump the queue)
  • Fast track on food (Jump the queue)
  • Cloakroom access
  • Welcome treat
  • 3 packs of colours

Disability access. Dress in clothes that you are happy to spoil. Nearest station: Northwick Park, Kenton, Harrow & Wealdstone, North Harrow.

By buying a ticket you are agreeing to the event Terms and Conditions and house rules :

  • By buying the ticket, you agree to Magic of India adding you to their subscription and sending you email on confirmation an future events.
  • Every child over 1 year old needs a ticket. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    Tickets are not refundable under any circumstance: Not refundable if there is bad weather, or if the event needs to be postponed. No refund if anyone whom you has bought a ticket for, is unable to attend the event, for any reason.
  • Also please note that no credit can be offered.
  • The first packet of coloured powder is free; more can be bought at the event. Outside colour is NOT allowed for safety reasons. The colour provided by us is UK Authority Health and Safety Food Grade certified.
  • Please ensure children are accompanied by an adult at all times. Magic of India cannot take responsibility of children at the event.
  • For your safety, there is high security and checks at the event, so please do co-operate to be checked by the security officials.
  • For safety reasons, no outside water or liquids will be allowed. Water can be purchased for just £1.
  • Alcohol is not allowed at this day time event.
  • Free parking is available in the big parking for Harrow leisure centre.
  • Clothes: Please layer up in clothes you are happy to soil. Only Dry Colour Powder Play. The powder is just coloured cornflour.
  • No cloakroom is available at the event to keep coats or precious belongings. Please avoid bringing bags.
  • Use restroom facilities available in the Hall.
  • First Aid and Lost & Found Desk: Please bring an injured or lost child, here. Do not waste time looking for the parent/s. It is not safe or advisable to do so. We have a process to help them.
  • Please avoid prams as much as possible but if bring it, please be aware prams with children is not permitted on the dancing area only to be kept on the sides as this will create a trip hazard for other children.
  • Photography takes place at the event, so please note, we cannot avoid it, and children also get photographed. By signing up for the Event and coming to the Event, you agree to give permission to Magic of India to take photographs of you/your children, and for the rights of all the pictures.
  • Please be considering when playing with colours, it will not be allowed to throw colours high inside only outside the hall, you will still be able to have a colour play inside but not throwing in the air.

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