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Tri Lok-The three worlds in the universe are within us

In Vedas, the universe is called Trilok, the three worlds. Namely, the Lokas are Dayu, Antariksha, and Bhu.
Bhu means where we take birth. The earth region. In our body, it is represented by all organs below our naval.
Antariksha is the mid-region of the body, where the heart and other vital organs are present. In the universe, this is the space between the stars and the earth.
Dayu is the space where the stars reside with the rest of the universe. Our head region represents this space where all organs of knowledge, speech, hearing, smell find a home. Also innumerable thoughts like the innumerable stars. Hence all the three worlds are present here in our body. Our body is said to be a limited replica of the universe.
यत् ब्रह्माण्डे तत् पिण्डे   Yat Bhramandey Tat Pindey
The conscious power which maintains the Universe has pervaded in each of us, also in each sentient and element around us. It appears in many forms. In reality, we are one and we appear and manifest as many. That one superpower is what we call Brahma. This Brahma consciousness manifests around us in conscious and unconscious things. The conscious living is called  Jivatma. The object of yog  (to join ) Sadhna (learning and meditative reflection)  is to realise and know Jivatma as our true self and in each living being. Once we realise that “Atman” is our true self (and not this body) we see all others as an extension of our-self. And this also leads to the very experience of the absolute highest knowledge.

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